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This payment system is focused primarily on residents of the Czech Republic, Slovakia and neighboring countries. EKonto was created by Raiffeisen Bank and the clients of this bank receive several advantages compared to ordinary clients, for example, reduced commissions when using the payment system. With its help, it is convenient to manage your accounts, make purchases online, eKonto is also suitable for replenishing an account at a casino.

Detailed information on the payment system is available on the website of Raiffeisen Bank. You can also find eKonto tariffs and terms of use there. We will briefly go through the main features:

  • You need a bank account to use the system. It does not have to be Raiffeisen, just in the case of him you will receive a number of advantages, in particular, a discount on commissions;
  • working with euros and dollars is supported, other currencies are not available;
  • working With the payment system, you can send money: from your online bank account, from an attached card, directly from the wallet of the payment system;
  • you can issue a separate eKonto card, it is linked to your wallet and its balance corresponds to the balance of the wallet.
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It is worth perceiving this payment system solely as an addition to your bank account. It really becomes convenient to work with your finances with her.

Advantages and disadvantages of eKonto

We highlight the strengths:

  • anonymity - when replenishing an account in a casino, your data will not “shine” anywhere. The casino will simply receive the money;
  • security - no information will have to be entered on third-party sites. When replenishing your account, you only need to log in to the website of eKonto itself, and the payment is confirmed there. The probability of stealing your data is almost zero;
  • speed - you will not notice the delay in replenishment. Money comes to the account almost instantly;
  • replenish using eKonto and directly from the wallet and from your bank card, and from the bank account. Conveniently, even if you are going to transfer money from a bank account, you do not need to make a payment directly to a bank branch;
  • commissions are acceptable. Just keep in mind that in addition to the payment system itself, the casino itself can also charge a commission.

There are also disadvantages:

  • to register with eKonto, you need to have a bank account;
  • the payment system is still more intended for residents of the Czech Republic and Slovakia. If you do not have a bank account, then you will not be able to register with it;
  • support for the payment system is implemented only in a small number of casinos;
  • there is no possibility to withdraw money to the eKonto wallet, although technically there are no obstacles. This is affected by the low popularity of the payment system outside the Czech Republic and Slovakia. If suddenly you see the possibility of withdrawing to the details of this payment system, then be sure to check with technical support whether this is really possible.

If we compare the strengths and weaknesses, then with the payment system, not everything is so simple. From a technical point of view, everything is fine - fast transactions, reliability. On the other hand, there is no mass support for this type of payment system, and this is a big problem.

Which casinos support eKonto and where to find them

On this page, using filters, you can find all reliable casinos that work with the eKonto payment system. A little more than a dozen casinos are displayed in the results, so it will not work to call this payment system very common.

When replenishing:

  • select the appropriate item in the "Deposit" menu;
  • indicate the amount of replenishment;
  • after you click the "Pay" button, you will be redirected to the eKonto website, where you log in and confirm payment. The casino will not even know from whom exactly the money came. The operation is absolutely legal, there is no ban on payments of this kind either in the payment system or in the bank.

The only major problem is that the payment system is rarely used outside the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Hence the small number of casinos supporting it. This is what prevents us from calling eKonto the best option for replenishing your account. Collapse

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