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There is a real battle between casinos for players in the gambling market. Each of them is trying to increase the player base and all legal methods are used. In addition to the abundance of games, reputation, various tournaments and promotions, a significant argument when choosing a casino is the presence of various types of bonuses. Cashback can also be considered a kind of bonus. By playing regularly, you will receive part of the lost money back. Of course, this will be only a fraction of the money spent, usually up to 10%.

What is cashback in a casino and its types

This technique is used to attract new customers in different business areas. For example, in sales, cashback was first used in the last century. Now this tactic is used almost everywhere - in banks, in casinos, in the forex market, in the hotel business, etc.

The essence of the reception depends on the fact that the buyer receives a small compensation from the seller as a bonus. For example, when paying in a supermarket with a bank card, you can earn 3-7% cashback on it. That is, in a certain period of time, from the money spent on the card in the supermarket, you will receive a small percentage back.

Exactly the same approach is used in the casino. By playing regularly, you will receive part of the lost money back. Of course, this will be only a part of the money spent, but most casinos set acceptable conditions for receiving them, so it’s stupid not to use this opportunity.

Cash back can be credited using different methods:

  • depending on the deposit made. A kind of analogue of a replenishment bonus, with the only difference being that the total replenishment of the account for a certain period is taken into account. For example, they offer a cashback of 10% of the amount of replenishment per month. If you replenished your account with a total of 10,000 rubles, then at the end of the month the casino will return you 1,000 rubles;
  • depending on the turnover, that is, the more you play, the more compensation you will receive at the end of the week or month. Conveniently, compensation will be credited regardless of how you played, if luck turned away from you, you will still receive cashback. The percentage is usually given a small, up to 5-7%.

Alternatively, instead of direct accrual of some amount calculated depending on the turnover, they can give bonus points. They can then be converted into money at the internal rate of the casino.

How to use the list of casinos with cashback bonuses

This page contains a list of online casinos that offer cash back to customers. We draw your attention to the fact that they are ranked according to the rating, the list also contains a description of the cashback bonus, and the conditions for receiving it.

For example, Fair Go Casino offers to compensate 25% of each deposit that has not been credited with another bonus. The only condition for receiving a refund is that the account balance must fall below $1. That is, you can get cashback only after losing the entire deposit.

We recommend that you carefully read the client agreement, the conditions for using cashback are usually indicated there. For example, here are the conditions put forward by Supernova Casino:

  • It is issued only to those players who have not withdrawn money in the last 7 days. Players' account balance must drop to less than $10;
  • cashback is calculated as a percentage of account replenishment over the last 7 calendar days;
  • leverage is introduced for working off, for slots it is 45, for roulettes all types - 60. For example, if you replenished a deposit of 10,000 rubles within 7 days, the cashback is set at 10%, then you can count on 1,000 rubles. But to get this money, you need to achieve a turnover of 45,000 on slots or 60,000 on roulette;
  • there are no restrictions on the maximum cash back.

As you can see, the conditions are quite tough, so you will have to try hard to get a cashback. When choosing a casino, we recommend that, in addition to the rating, you also take into account the conditions for working out bonuses. Remember, the larger the bonus, the less likely it is that you will be able to fulfill the conditions for working it out.

Also use the filters on the right side of the page. There are a lot of casinos in our database and for your convenience, we have implemented the ability to sort the results depending on such criteria as:

  • language of the casino;
  • software developers for the game;
  • currency supported by the casino;
  • regulatory licenses;
  • deposit methods account;
  • country in which the casino operates.

Please note that by going to this page, the filter by country was automatically activated. That is, the list already displays a casino operating in the country in which you are located. If necessary, this filter is disabled on the right side of the page.


Cashback bonus is a good way to get back some of the money spent on games. It can be compared to an airbag, if you lose the main deposit, the casino gives you cashback and you have money to play again. So it’s worth using cashback in the game, you just need to find a casino with acceptable conditions. Collapse

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