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In Germany, this payment system is in second place in terms of the number of processed transactions per month. The multi-million client base also does not allow GiroPay to be considered an outsider in the online payments market. The payment system was created in order to facilitate the work with a bank account and speed up the payment for goods and services.

Casinos are willing to cooperate with the payment system, so GiroPay is also suitable for depositing an account. The payment system was founded in 2005, but the first transactions began to be processed already in 2006. Volksbanken RaitFeisenbanken and Postbank stood at the origins of GiroPay. The target audience is Germany and Austria, the number of registered clients in both countries exceeds 17 million people.

Since 2014, GiroPay has been compatible with the Austrian payment system Online-Überweisung. The total number of clients of both systems exceeds 40 million people. By and large, every person who has a bank account with a partner bank can use the services of GiroPay.

More than 1,500 banks have become partners of the payment system, so paying for a purchase online will not be a problem in the EU. Outside the EU, GiroPay is rarely used, you need to have an account in a European bank for this, so outside the EU they prefer to use other options.

As for the work itself, GiroPay provides comfortable management of your own bank account. You can transfer money online for goods and services, while the money goes to the seller instantly. As a result, you get the reliability, security of the bank and the speed of the electronic payment system.

Of the inconveniences, we note only the limit of € 5000, but for most this will be enough. It is unlikely that you deposit such amounts in a casino.

Advantages and disadvantages

GiroPay has many strengths:

  • speed, security and anonymity;
  • comfort of work, payments are made online, in just a couple of minutes. The transaction is confirmed in a few seconds;
  • simple registration;
  • simplified payment procedure for purchases up to €30.

There are few disadvantages:

  • The geography of work is limited by the European Union. This limitation arises due to the fact that partner banks operate mainly in the EU. But if you have an account opened in it, no one bothers to pay with GiroPay from anywhere in the world;
  • the commission is 1%. Moreover, this is the commission of the service itself, here add the bank commission and the possible commission of the casino itself (although it is most often equal to 0).

If you have a European bank account, then GiroPay is for you. In other cases, its use will have to be abandoned.

How the account is replenished, which casinos support GiroPay

Replenishment of the casino account is as follows:

  • choose the appropriate method of replenishment;
  • enter the amount, click on "Pay";
  • now the bank must check whether it is really you making the payment. Most often, verification occurs using SMS messages. By entering the code from SMS, you confirm the payment and the bank sends the money to the seller's details. Unlike a regular bank transfer, you do not need to wait several business days, everything happens almost instantly.

So GiroPay acts as an intermediary between you and your bank account.

As for the popularity of this method, GiroPay supports several dozen online casinos. You can see for yourself - on the right side of the page, in the section of filters by the method of replenishment of the account, select the GiroPay option. In the results we see 41 casinos. If there is no such method on the site, check with technical support, in some casinos, for some reason, it simply does not appear in the list of available methods.


GiroPay is an excellent system for working with your bank account, if you open an account with a European bank, then working with it is really convenient. You can buy goods, pay for services online, there are no restrictions on working with the casino. Unless the bank does not allow customers to send money to the casino account, but these subtleties need to be clarified in technical support. If there is no account in a European bank, then you will not be able to use this system. Collapse

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